New Zealand Will Registry

It’s important that your Will is found when needed, that’s why we register it with the NZ Will Registry. By registering your Will’s location your family or executor can quickly and easily find your Will when needed. There is no cost to register and it’s another way we can help protect your legacy.

We only supply the NZ Will Registry enough information for your Will to be uniquely recorded. The Register can only be searched by lawyers and will only display your full name, city, birthdate and where your Will is located. The Register will not get a copy of your Will or know what your Will contains.

If your Will is stored with us, either you have chosen PG to be an executor or have asked us to safely store your Will, your Will’s location in the Registry will show ‘Contact Perpetual Guardian’.

If you haven’t given us your Will to store, we’ll send you an email asking for the location of your Will. The information you give us here will be given to the Registry.

Please visit the NZ Will Registry for further information.

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Perpetual Guardian is a trading name of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited and Perpetual Trust Limited. For Authorised Financial Advisers, a disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.