Family Trusts



Trusts have been around since the Middle Ages and are a useful way of protecting and preserving family wealth.

By removing assets from your personal ownership and transferring them to Trustees, you’re protecting them from any claims that could be made against you personally.

Whether this kind of asset protection benefits you depends on various factors, all of which are quite unique to your personal circumstances. At Perpetual Guardian we can provide you with all the information you need to help you make that decision.

We provide independent expert trustee services for the life of the family Trust and ensure that:

  • Accurate records are kept;
  • All tax and other legal requirements are met;
  • Trust documents are kept safe; and,
  • You are kept up to date on any law changes that could affect your Trust.

Once you decide what assets you’d like to transfer to the Trust there are a number of decisions to be made including:

  • Who you wish to be Trustee/s;
  • Do you want an advisory trustee or a protector;
  • Who should be the beneficiaries; and
  • How do you want the Trust to be run.

We can help you with these decisions and ensure all accounting and tax matters are dealt with correctly.