31 Jul 2018

Giving For Good Philanthropy Newsletter | Issue Two | Loveyerguts

Loveyerguts – and help beat gastro-intestinal cancer

Gastro-intestinal cancer is a quiet killer in New Zealand and the most common form of cancer in this country. More than 5,250 Kiwis are diagnosed each year, half of which will die within five years. The Gut Cancer Foundation, which is one of the funds under the Perpetual Guardian Foundation, is doing great work to reduce those grim statistics.

They do this by raising awareness and funds to improve the survival rate and minimise the preventable suffering associated with the disease and treatment. The Gut Cancer Foundation’s May LoveYerGuts campaign saw Kiwis crunching hard, putting their abs to work for the charity in an effort to raise $100,000. As well as raising awareness around the symptoms and the need for a healthy diet and lifestyle for prevention, the Gut Cancer Foundation is helping fund research into the disease. This also involves assessing best treatment options and clinical trials of new gastro-intestinal cancer treatments.

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