31 Jul 2018

Giving For Good Philanthropy Newsletter | Issue Two | Making legacy giving a social norm

Together we can make legacy giving a social norm

The Perpetual Guardian Foundation takes every contribution seriously. We acknowledge that individuals who choose to donate their own money to a ‘fund for change’ are trusting us to make a difference on their behalf in confronting the challenges facing our communities.

Our structure embraces many levels of philanthropy. We respectfully manage significant donations made by those who wish to focus on a specific issue close to their heart. And we also support the ‘everyday philanthropist’ through either our foundation or existing legacy funds where they’ll benefit from becoming part of a community of donors who combine funds to achieve greater impact that may not be possible through personal giving.

Whether a donation is a significant sum, or a smaller (but no less meaningful) slice of the pie, it is managed with the same due diligence. With this we give sincere thanks to the donors that have pledged more than $35 million to the Perpetual Guardian Foundation in the first three years of its operations. Together, we aim to do what no single charity can do alone and make legacy giving a social norm. If we can help with the stewardship of these funds, we feel very honoured in doing so.

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Perpetual Guardian is a trading name of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited and Perpetual Trust Limited. For Authorised Financial Advisers, a disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.