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    The Foundation

    At Perpetual Guardian, we believe in giving back and helping others do the same. On 1 March 2015, we launched the Perpetual Guardian Foundation, with the goal of making charitable giving an accessible option for all.

    If you want to help make a difference, but you’re unsure where to start, you can begin by partnering with the Perpetual Guardian Foundation. You can be hands-on or leave it to us; either way, you will have the chance to become inspired and inspire others with your philanthropy, be innovative in your giving and make a genuine impact in New Zealand.

    We now offer a number of powerful philanthropic tools for individuals, families and businesses. Our donors have the flexibility to give now – by contributing to an existing fund or by opening a new one, or give later – by leaving a legacy.

    You can have an impact now no matter how big or small your contribution. Our customised philanthropy services include assistance with strategic grantmaking and philanthropy planning, investing charitable assets, and administering crucial day-to-day foundation work. You can count on our professional, dedicated staff to help you accomplish your giving goals.

    Whether you want to feed the hungry, educate children, protect our environment, nourish the arts, revitalise neighbourhoods, strengthen families or support any other cause close to your heart, we can help.

    We offer different types of funds to help simplify your philanthropy desires and allow you to focus on making a difference:

    Contribute to our General Fund (minimum of $5, no maximum): the general fund is a permanent charitable resource that grows through your support and will provide much-needed funding to non-profit organisations and causes.

    Start your own fund (minimum of $50k): we will work with you to create a giving programme which is customised to your passions, all whilst keeping in line with your personal and financial goals.

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