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    Mai Chen supports Sir Ray Avery’s LifePod Incubator project

    The sale of ‘My-Bucket List”, the site for Wills online, started by Mai Chen, has benefitted Sir Ray Avery’s LifePod Incubator project with Mai and her husband Dr John Sinclair making a donation of $10,000.

    Sir Ray Avery’s charity Medicine Mondiale is focused on creating quality products that make a difference to health in the developing world. He is presently fundraising for his LifePod Incubator that is innovative, economical and can save 500 babies in its lifetime.

    “The $10,000 donation from Mai Chen and her husband Dr John Sinclair translates into 2,500 babies who will now have the chance at life,” said Sir Ray. “The world needs more people like Mai with great ideas and corporates with social consciousness if we want our planet to be a better and fairer place”.

    Sir Ray Avery and Mai Chen have worked together on a number of projects with Mai has been Ray’s lawyer when he has needed legal advice. “I have a great respect for Ray, his world view and his work”.

    Recently Sir Ray helped Mai on a project encouraging people to look after their families’ future by making a will and encouraging them to plan their personal bucket list.

    On handing over the site to a company she knew could achieve her global vision, Mai and her husband wanted to use some of the proceeds to a project that would make a difference.

    “Ray was one of the first people I tried the Wills online concept to, and he got it immediately and understood that doing a will makes you focus on living the life you have now,” explained Mai Chen. “He contributed ideas to the project, but most importantly encouraged me that it was the right thing to do to incentivise people to get on and live life fully while doing good, as he has done with his life.”

    My-Bucket List was recently purchased by Perpetual Guardian.