27 Apr 2016

Newsletter | April 2016 | Federated Farmers partnership

Federated Farmers are an independent, farmer-based advocacy and service body.
Federated Farmers are an independent, farmer-based advocacy and service body.

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Federated Farmers. Federated Farmers are an independent and farmer-member-based advocacy and service body, consisting of 24 provinces and employing professional staff who work for their member-farmers.

They have earned their reputation as the ‘voice of farmers’ and are viewed both publicly and politically as the ‘go-to’ organisation for rural matters. As a democratic organisation, they give farmers a collective voice at both a regional, national and international level.

They have a long-term vision, beyond immediate issues, to shape a national future which will enable farmers’ interests to flourish. As a pan-sector advocacy and support body, they are committed to building and enhancing relationships with their partners for the betterment of members and New Zealand farmers.

Our relationship with Federated Farmers is built on mutual trust and respect, with a shared aspiration to provide the farming community with the best value services. Aligned to deliver the best possible outcomes, Federated Farmers and Perpetual Guardian are together, stronger and better.

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