22 Aug 2016

Newsletter | August 2016 | 3 things to do before you travel

Before you jet off, make sure you've got your estate planning sorted
Before you jet off, make sure you’ve got your estate planning sorted

Aside from the usual sage advice (buy travel insurance, check your passport), there are a few estate planning things you should take care of if you’ve lined up a big trip away. You can relax more knowing you’ve got all your affairs taken care of.

1. Appoint a guardian (if you haven’t already)

If you have young children, it’s highly recommended that you appoint a guardian for them in your Will should anything happen to you. A guardian will make important decisions about how your child is brought up – so make sure it’s someone who you trust and is up for the job.

2. Set up an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

An EPA for property is a great document to have when you travel because you can appoint someone to manage your finances and investments back home on your behalf.

3. Share your documents with loved ones

Regardless of whether you’re travelling or not, it’s a good idea to let your next of kin know where your estate planning documents are kept. Let your family know where your important documents are stored – and use online tools (like WILLplus) to give them access to digital copies.

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