03 May 2018

Newsletter | Autumn 2018 | Philanthropy

With philanthropists and grant makers thinking about the challenges of doing more and doing better, our partners at Philanthropy New Zealand discuss nine conversations to be a part of in 2018:

  1. Transformation – tackling both the cause and symptoms of today’s big issues such as climate change.
  2. The power of venture philanthropy – investing in innovative ideas to tackle social issues.
  3. High engagement – actively building and supporting movements and organisations instead of ‘sending the money and leaving it’.
  4. Diversity – ensuring every contribution is supported, valued and equal.
  5. Relationships with Mana Whenua – using, instead of ignoring statistics, to inspire relationship building.
  6. Aligning investment with mission: impact investing – investing in social outcomes alongside financial returns.
  7. Participation, transparency and power – rethinking approaches to accountability.
  8. Funder burden and sustainability – considering how processes add to or work against grant-seekers and simplifying applications.
  9. Three growth trends for giving in New Zealand – generational asset shift; community foundations gaining nationwide coverage; corporate giving will continue to rise.

We’re excited that our own philanthropic work already touches on many of these conversations as we continue our journey in managing Philanthropy on behalf of our generous clients.

The Strathlachlan Charitable Trust, for example, embodies high-engagement. Characterised by high value, multi-year partnerships, the Charitable Trust goes beyond sending money through a cheque but instead is hands-on in helping our partners deliver exceptional outcomes with a focus on the benefits and support of women.

Our own Perpetual Guardian Foundation is a prime example of participation, transparency and power, as well as funder burden and sustainability. The low-cost, innovative approach of the Foundation aims to streamline application and reporting processes, keeping an open dialogue across all parties.

One thing that is certain is that the Philanthropy landscape is ever-changing and exhilarating.

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