13 Dec 2016

Newsletter | December 2016 | Out of office

Timothy Ly – Dancing champ

Timothy Ly, Client Accountant in our Auckland Head Office, has been dancing for as long as he can remember.

“I started when I was four or five years old. My family and I used to have these nights where the stereo in the kitchen would be blasting and we’d be up all night dancing rock ‘n’ roll. My sister was a ballroom dancer as well. Once I was watching my sister at one of her dance classes when I just got up and joined her – I’ve been moving ever since “.

Ballroom dancing is Timothy’s speciality. This style encompasses dances like the tango, the waltz, rhumba, jive and the foxtrot. As Timothy puts it, “Whatever you’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars, that’s what I do”. Timothy has represented New Zealand on the international ballroom circuit and has competed in Australia.

His love of dancing has led to some special memories. He recalls one occasion like a scene from the movies, “It was a rainy night in Wellington and a live band was playing outside.”

“My girlfriend and I got caught up in the music – we just started dancing in front of them. Before we knew it, there were at least 50 other people joining in and we ended up creating our own dance party”.

Regan Storer – Netball star

For Regan Storer, Estate Manager in our Estate Management Services Team, netball began as a way to meet friends in a new city when she moved to Auckland six years ago.

Regan has always had a love of netball but had to take a hiatus when she reached high school and began competing in international junior athletics as her athletics coach told her it was ‘bad for the knees’.

“Athletics provided me with the base level of fitness to be able to play sports well – however, athletics is a very individual sport. I have enjoyed being back in a team environment but the flip side of this is it’s hard when you’re not completely in control of winning or losing. On an athletics track, if you run the fastest, you win. If you’re playing netball as goalkeeper and doing a great job but your shooters aren’t sinking goals, you won’t win the game!”

This year, she had the exciting opportunity to play against several former and current Silver Ferns and says it was an amazing experience to compete against such talented sports people.

“You get a real appreciation for the skill level you normally only view from the comfort of the couch!”

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