16 Mar 2017

Newsletter | March 2017 | How do I choose a guardian?

Our team can help you decide upon an appropriate guardian
Our team can help you decide upon an appropriate guardian

A testamentary guardian is a person you name in your Will to look after your children should both parents pass away.

The person you choose will step into the duties you currently have as a parent so this is a very important decision.

Here are some things to consider to help you pick the best person for the role:

  1. Are they able to handle the challenge?
  2. What is their parenting style like?
  3. Do they live nearby? If not, would your children be able to cope with moving away?
  4. Are they in a stable relationship?
  5. Do they have children already?
  6. What do your children think of them?

We also recommend that you have a conversation with the potential guardian to make sure you both feel certain they are right for the role.

Most people consider it a compliment to be asked to be a guardian – so go ahead and ask!

For more information on choosing a guardian, please call us on 0800 737 738 or email

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