16 Mar 2017

Newsletter | March 2017 | Partners Life ‘Legacy Gift Plan’

Contributing to charity can be easy.
Contributing to charity can be easy.

We have teamed up with Partners Life to offer their customers an easy way to contribute to charity.

The Legacy Gift Plan allows Partners Life customers to make a meaningful contribution to their favourite charitable cause when they pass away.

Explaining the motivation behind this new product, Partners Life Managing Director Naomi Ballantyne said “New Zealanders are very generous donating to charity and we wanted to make it easier for them to support their favourite causes”.

The great thing about this method of giving means you don’t have to commit today’s capital, and you can also have peace of mind that your wishes won’t be challenged.

How does it work?

You select the amount you want to pass to the Perpetual Guardian Foundation upon your passing – the funds will bypass your estate and be delivered to the charitable cause of your choice.

The only requirement is the payment of your regular premium. The premium commitment is guaranteed upfront and will remain unchanged until you reach 80 years of age. The advantage of this method of giving is you are only committing to a small ongoing expense rather than a large lump sum.

Protecting your wishes

Included in the Legacy Gift plan is a record of your wishes, which is held by Perpetual Guardian and outlines the sorts of charitable causes you want to benefit from your policy proceeds.

Until a claim becomes payable, you remain completely in control of your Legacy Gift Plan and can amend it at any stage should your charitable intentions change.

How to get started

To find out more about the Legacy Gift Plan and sign up, visit

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