16 Mar 2017

Newsletter | March 2017 | The Big Volunteering Day Out

As part of our commitment to philanthropy, we launched The Big Volunteering Day Out – an initiative where our team members can dedicate a day of work time to volunteer for their chosen cause. Last year, 21 employees signed up for the scheme and here are some of their stories.

Krysta Saunders & Cherry Huang, Client Assistants, Wellington

Krysta Saunders and Cherry Huang were area coordinators for the SPCA collection day in Wellington. “We organised all of the volunteers and the station changes, money and money change overs – as well as filling in where we were needed, and checking that all of our volunteers (and their animals) were happy and well,” they explained.

“The weather was less than desirable on the day, but it did not dampen the spirits, or lessen the donations…we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to help raise money for such a deserving cause.”

Frances Cattermole, Client Manager, Christchurch

Frances Cattermole also collected for the SPCA in Christchurch saying, “I spent my volunteering day at Northlands Mall in Christchurch, collecting for the SPCA Annual Appeal…we had a constant stream of generous people coming up to put money in the buckets and sharing stories about their pets – we had full buckets by 4pm, with donations ranging from 50 cents to $50 dollars. My helper Dolly (the Miniature Schnauzer) stopped by for half an hour and got a lot of attention. As a long-time SPCA supporter I usually take a day’s annual leave to collect for them, so thanks to Perpetual Guardian for this initiative.”

Sarah Clements, Client Manager, Auckland

“I got involved with Project Twin Streams, which is an Auckland Council initiative. It was a full on day with six volunteers working extremely hard to clear the land around a stream of weeds. Fortunately for our group, it was a stunning sunny day and the volunteers worked really well together. Even the land owner took a day off work to help, showing an impressive effort on the day,” Sarah recalled.

“By the end of the day we could see a real difference. It was very rewarding to cut down the offending trees and reveal the tiny native plants that will now have space and light to grow.Thank you, Perpetual Guardian, for the opportunity!”

Marg Davies, Client Manager, Takapuna

Marg Davies volunteered for North Shore Hospice at their ‘Rock the Hithe’ annual concert in November, which raised an impressive $14,000 for the organisation!

Concert guests received a reserved table, waitress service and formal catering provided by the Head Chef of Villa Maria, with 99% of the ticket costs going to North Shore Hospice. Marg helped out with the informal catering by making food, looking after tables and helping set things up.

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