27 Nov 2017

Newsletter | Spring 2017 | Meet Ange - our new Chief Growth Officer

Angela Vale, Chief Growth Officer
Angela Vale, Chief Growth Officer

Ange joined Perpetual Guardian in June this year bringing with her an endless amount of energy. So who is Angela Vale?

Tell us a bit about your professional journey so far.

I take on a vision, a cause – not a role. I believe in following curiosity and discovery. Think big and strive to impress yourself above all else.

After leaving school at 15, I worked in manufacturing for 13 years, doing everything from sewing to industrial engineering.

At 21, I took over my first leadership role, heading 80 people before joining another company to lead 250. There, I decided leadership had to be more than the ‘stick and carrot’ scenario and started life coaching, which I later turned into a business.

A stint in recruitment taught me about business development and sales as well as managing P&L and business transformation – all while doing my degree.

I then joined Sovereign to see if I could help transform a business I knew nothing about, where people are at the core.

What drew you to work in the fiduciary services industry?

For me it’s all about making a difference. In recruitment you sometimes help people get their dream job, in life insurance you hear stories about how having insurance can be such a massive relief during times of tragedy. What I connected with at Sovereign was the vision to be there for clients in their moments of truth.

With Perpetual Guardian, I connected as a mother. I have children I want to protect and I hate the idea that through my own lack of knowledge I could have been making decisions that left them vulnerable if something happened to me. Without realising it, we are actually gambling with our children’s future. My purpose is to be able to provide people the information they need so they can make their own informed decisions.

You’ve been a life coach since 2006, can you tell us a bit more about that?

Informally, I have always been a coach. Coming from a not-so-Disney upbringing really motivated me to help people realise they can do so much more than they think.

I’ve always been interested in behaviour and psychology but it wasn’t until I led 250 people in a change-filled environment that I realised there has to be more.

After years of doing things instinctively, I learnt about the methodology behind it.

What are you looking forward to in your role as Chief Growth Officer?

Bringing the topic of estate planning out of the hush-hush conversations and into this century – maybe even being light-hearted! I want to be a part of changing the stigma.

Also, the strong technology and innovation focus and bringing the worlds of digital and fiduciary services together.

One last question, what piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Learn to trust your gut much sooner.

Hold on to what you know to be true about yourself. You shouldn’t necessarily ignore others’ views, but their truth doesn’t equal yours. Recognise and respect that everyone has their own truth.

We’re growing for you!

Perpetual Guardian is growing and so is our Sales Team! In the past month we have welcomed four new members on board: Brendan Green and Rachel Bowden, our two new Auckland Mobile Managers, as well as Vicky Hackett – a wonderful addition to our Auckland Business Development Team – and the talented Fiona King, our local Business Development Manager on the ground in Christchurch.

These are exciting times for Perpetual Guardian. We have a wonderful mix of fresh and innovative thinking which is nicely complemented by subject matter expertise and a wealth of experience. The future is looking bright.

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