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Four-Day Working Week Trial

Work four days, get paid for five.

That is what we will trial here at Perpetual Guardian for six weeks, starting 5 March.

Andrew Barnes, founder and CEO of Perpetual Guardian describes the decision to test the new way of working as ‘the right thing to do’.

A recent internal survey raised a few questions about how productivity, innovation and engagement can be lifted.

Christine Brotherton, Head of People and Capability, explains: “If employees are engaged with their job and employer, they are more productive. This is why we are adopting this trial. We believe efficiency will come with more staff focus and motivation.”

Andrew further says: “We want people to be the best they can be while they’re in the office, but also at home. It’s the natural solution.”

Now it is up to each team to take responsibility to work smarter and change processes to raise their productivity. The trial, by itself, might not provide all the answers, but it certainly will be a big step towards increasing engagement and productivity within the business.

Beyond the benefits in the office though, if it works, the way we balance our personal and professional lives will change dramatically for everyone at Perpetual Guardian.

You can also watch more interviews about the exciting times ahead by clicking here.

After the four-day working week trial, we will happily share the results with any interested company.

Have questions in the meantime? Feel free to get in touch with our People and Capability team.

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