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Estate Planning

Estate Administration

Helping you in times of loss

When someone dies, the sense of grief and loss can be overwhelming. It’s a terrible time for your loved ones to have to deal with the financial and administrative turmoil of an estate.

We help relieve some stress by providing a professional and compassionate service to manage your estate for your loved ones.

How we help

Winding up someone’s affairs and ensuring assets are distributed according to their Will is often a complex task.

People use our services because, as a statutory trustee, we have a legal duty of care to act in the best interests of our client. Our role as executor of the estate is to carry out the instructions of the Will efficiently and diligently. In doing so we seek to protect the assets and ensure beneficiaries are fully informed as we work through the estate.

Our priority is to make this as comforting as we can.

Perpetual Guardian can act as executor and provides a full range of estate administration services. We pride ourselves on our personal relationships and integrity which have been hallmarks of our business for over 130 years.

How it works

An estate is usually distributed once the following tasks have been completed:

  • A grant of probate has been obtained;
  • All debts or expenses have been paid or provided for; and then usually,
  • A notice to creditors has been advertised; and,
  • The statutory periods within which an application to challenge the terms of the Will have expired.

Once we are notified that a person has passed away, the immediate focus is to arrange the funeral and we are on hand to assist when needed. We will then proceed with administering the estate and keeping the beneficiaries informed at regular intervals.

Take care of things today.

In three minutes we can help you better understand how a Will and EPA can safeguard your loved ones and preserve your wishes.

- Why everyone should have a Will and an EPA

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Perpetual Guardian is a trading name of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited and Perpetual Trust Limited. For Authorised Financial Advisers, a disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.