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Funeral wishes

Deciding on your funeral wishes is quite difficult for some people. Making your wishes clear will spare your loved ones from being burdened by that decision during their time of grief.

Talk to your loved ones about your funeral preferences. They may be able to share some helpful insights you might not have considered. It could be as simple as saying you would never want to be buried, or cremated. This will go a long way to ease stress and anxiety during a difficult time and
give your loved ones a general idea of your wishes.

It is important to keep in mind that the executor of your Will is the only person who has the legal power to ensure your wishes are followed through.

It follows that what is written in your Will:

  • provides the certainty and legal enforceability for your funeral wishes; and
  • goes a long way in helping to avoid disputes during a time of grieving.

Stating your funeral wishes in your Will provides you with the opportunity to give your loved ones the consideration they deserve when it comes to executing your wishes (e.g. considering whether they will be able to afford the cost during their time of grieving).

Generally, cremation costs less than a burial. You may consider a Funeral Trust to cover these costs. Many people opt to have their family decide at the time, allowing them to make their own choices as their current situation permits.

Should the unthinkable happen, it is often the funeral arrangements that will need to be made first. Sometimes even before your Will is located or read. For this reason, you should discuss your funeral wishes with your family at the time of making your Will. You should also store your Will and other important documents securely online so there is easy access by those who need it. myDigital Vault is PerpetualGuardian’s secure online storage facility that you get with our WILLplus service, one of its benefits means you can share secure access with anyone you like, including the executor of your Will.

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