Grants and Scholarships

At Perpetual Guardian it is our privilege to manage the largest number of registered Charitable Trusts in New Zealand. We administer over 580 Charitable Trusts on behalf of the generous legacies of our clients. Annually, this translates to approximately $30 million invested in the community through grants and scholarships.

Our Vision

Our vision is for stronger New Zealand communities where everyone thrives.


Our grants strategy is to facilitate our clients enduring legacy – providing expert guidance to maximise impact and ensuring their goals and wishes are managed with integrity.

Applying for Funding

You can download our Granting Schedule – this shows what grants and scholarships are available and when.

Late updated 11 September 2018

New Granting System

We continuously look for ways to improve our granting system and have taken on board all your feedback. We are excited to announce that we have a new system that will allow you to:

  • Save your applications midway so you can complete it later
  • Keep track of all your applications and accountability reports on one Applicant Dashboard
  • Easier file uploads
  • Less submission errors

Once you have started an application, you will receive an email. Please read the instructions carefully in this email and all subsequent emails. We also have helpful information on our FAQs tab for each Trust you apply for. The following instructions are to assist with your applications:

  • You will need to create a new login for each trust as accountability reports have to be submitted using the individual links sent to you via email after the grant has been approved. However you may see the status across all trusts you have submitted an application for while being logged into one trust.
  • To return to your incomplete application, follow the link in the first email that was sent to you, don’t start another application.
  • You may skip to other questions by clicking on the different steps on the left menu in the application.

Important Note: Your application will be automatically declined if you do not submit your application by the due date even if you have already started one.

Application Forms

To help make our granting process simpler, we have introduced new application forms. At times, you will see that there are different application forms available. If you choose to apply for a larger the grant, we will be asking more questions to get a better understanding of your project or activity. If there is only one application to choose from, this will be based off our under $15,000 grant application. The following application form templates give an indication of what to expect:

Open Grants:

The Andrea Hewitt Foundation

Tuesday 18th September 2018 to Tuesday 20th November 2018

To support young multisport athletes in their endeavours to compete in national or international multisport competition. Contributions will be towards travel or equipment.

Info and application form

Margaret & Huia Clarke Trust

Wednesday 24th October 2018 to Friday 16th November 2018

To support organisations carrying out charitable, medical, educational or benevolent work within the Rotorua region.

Info and application form

Benjamin and Jane Murray Charitable Trust

Monday 5th November 2018 to Friday 23rd November 2018

To support organisations carrying out charitable purposes within Auckland, particularly with a focus on the relief of poverty.

Info and application form

Upcoming Grants

W. Duncan Bickley Trust Fund

Monday 19th November 2018 to Friday 7th December 2018

To support organisations providing care or welfare of infants, aged persons or disabled persons within the Southland region.

Please note applications will be assessed in January 2019

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding grants and scholarships, how you can leave an enduring legacy or if you would like to receive our philanthropy newsletter with more info on the Trusts we manage and helpful resources, please email

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