Privacy notice

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This Privacy Notice relates to any collection of personal information by Perpetual Guardian through our use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and your rights in relation to such information.

Collection of information

Perpetual Guardian has installed CCTV cameras at some of our offices in New Zealand. Signage is installed at any Perpetual Guardian office where CCTV is in operation, notifying employees and visitors of its operation. The CCTV collects visual images only.

Purpose for collection of information

Where Perpetual Guardian has installed CCTV any personal information captured by it is collected for the purpose of:

  • Keeping people (our employees and visitors) safe at our sites; and
  • Improving security and deterring and investigating criminal events, anti-social behaviours and health and safety incidents occurring at our offices.

Use of collected information

CCTV footage will generally only be kept for up to 90 days and will only ever be viewed by a limited number of authorised Perpetual Guardian employees. Perpetual Guardian may disclose personal information collected via CCTV for the purposes listed above and as otherwise permitted or required by law, which may include disclosure to the New Zealand Police where criminal activity is reported or suspected.

Access to personal information

In accordance with the Privacy Act 2020, individuals may request access to any footage of themselves collected by Perpetual Guardian via the CCTV.

Contact details

Any requests for access to personal information or about this Privacy Notice can be made by:

  1.  Email on [email protected];
  2. Telephoning us on 0800 87 87 82; or
  3. Writing to us at Perpetual Guardian, PO Box 1934, Auckland 1140.