Get started on your Estate Planning with Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Protect your loved ones and your wishes with a Will

A well-planned and regularly updated Estate Plan is one of the most straight-forward ways to protect your assets and help secure your loved ones’ future.

Appoint someone as a Power of Attorney that can act on your behalf

Setting up an EPA will give you peace of mind that your assets and personal welfare will be properly managed on a temporary or permanent basis by someone you trust, if you become unable to do so.

Create and manage a Trust to support your loved ones

Our team of experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you figure out how your Trust needs to be set up to meet your goals in our forever-changing world.

Keeping in touch with us during Alert Levels

We are New Zealand’s premier provider of the full suite of Estate Planning services.

Create a lasting legacy


We’re very proud to be New Zealand’s pre-eminent provider of philanthropic services with a long history of structuring and honouring clients’ philanthropic intentions.

Family Office

We aim to create the right environment and structure so your business has the ability to maintain its integrity and operational efficiency, to minimise associated today’s risks.


What combines $3.7 billion and 135 years of experience? That’s right – your Perpetual Guardian Investment Advisory team.

Why choose Perpetual Guardian

Specialists in providing Wills, Trusts and Enduring Powers of Attorney. We understand the sensitive nature of Wills, supporting grieving families, helping to plan estates and achieve financial goals and we’re here to help you through that process. Through our Foundation we have a long history of providing Philanthropic Services and our Investment Advisory has over 135 years of experience to maximise our investor returns.