Activation Fund

The Activation fund in the Perpetual Guardian Foundation was established to fund game changing initiatives and courageous leadership in the pursuit of greater social impact in New Zealand communities.

The Activation Funds’ giving and giving practices are impact focused.  At full capacity we will seek to:

  • Provide effective platforms for social innovation to emerge, succeed and scale;
  • Build effective organisations that can work adaptively and lead change;
  • Contribute to significant change at the systems level, and;
  • Contribute to paradigm shifts in sector practices – including the practice of philanthropy.

We value the role that innovation can play in achieving greater impact by finding new ways to address systemic social problems and challenges.  This means that we are committed to engaging with innovation and testing new ideas. 

We seek to operate at the leading edge of philanthropy. This requires an approach to philanthropy that is not constrained by a fear of failure, but one that is brave, bold and disruptive.

Through the Activation Fund we aim to build a community of donors who, collectively, are enabled to engage in meaningful, impact-focused philanthropy.  This provides opportunity for our donors to make an even bigger difference to some of the most critical challenges facing our communities than they could have alone.

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