In over 20 years, always had a lovely personal touch and sound, professional advice.

    Who we invest for

    Perpetual Guardian provides investment solutions for a range of different entities including:

    • Trusts – family, business and Charitable;
    • Attorneys under an enduring power of attorney;
    • Private individuals/retail investors (mums & dads); and
    • Wholesale investors including Iwi and professional investors.
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    Our investment history

    Perpetual Guardian has over 135 years of investment management experience. We have seen and traded through two World Wars, several regional conflicts and multiple investment cycles.

    There really is very little we have not seen or experienced. It is those very experiences that cascade down into our longstanding approach to disciplined investing.

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    Our fiduciary obligations and investment style

    Through our administration services, we manage assets of $3.5billion. As part of this, Perpetual Guardian manages circa $1.8b investable portfolio assets.

    We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and focus keenly on them. Because of that, we maintain a cautious approach to investment management, adopting long-term strategies linked to disciplined and evidence-based investment theories. Our modus operandi places capital preservation as a key motivator when considering portfolio construction.

    What does this mean for you?

    At the heart of it all, we are goal and risk-oriented, and base our outcomes on ‘knowing our client’ and having a deep understanding of investment behaviours’ key drivers. This means we aim to deliver using a diversified and disciplined investment approach. Asset allocation, both strategic and tactical, drive our portfolio returns.

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    Our governance

    Our governance is important to us, and we take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. Strong governance is also widely accepted as a significant contributor to better client outcomes, which we agree with and embrace wholeheartedly.

    We operate within a strict framework, collaborating with our risk and compliance teams and a dedicated and highly experienced investment committee. The investment committee is made up of board members and senior management.

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    Our investment partner

    Our ‘sister’ company, Openly Investing Ltd is the investment arm of the Complectus Group of Companies. Openly Investing Ltd has been ‘spun’ out of Perpetual Guardian in 2017 to specifically design and build our investment portfolios. They are a highly experienced team of investment professionals charged with creating investment solutions for Perpetual Guardian.

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