Professional, attentive, diligent and a pleasure to deal with.

    Your Team

    Perpetual Guardian has a dedicated team of investment professionals with decades of relevant industry experience spanning the following sectors of advice:

    • Portfolio construction from implementation to monitoring and rebalancing;
    • Estate planning in conjunction with our teams of fiduciary specialists;
    • Retirement and lifestyle planning;
    • Income generation;
    • Intergenerational succession planning; and
    • Trustee investment advisory services.
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    The value of advice

    No matter what your goals or objectives are, you need a framework to achieve them. And while many understand the basic principles of prudent financial management, few can really detach their emotions when it comes to their finances - something that's required to managing wealth in a disciplined and evidence-based manner.

    At Perpetual Guardian we have a number of key strategies as part of our investment framework:

    • Manage risk by adopting a diversified approach
    • Seek lower volatility to enhance overall returns
    • Enhance diversification with global exposures
    • Allow disciplined asset allocation to drive returns
    • Take strategic and tactical ‘tilts’ to protect downside risk and enhance upside returns
    • Avoid trends and short-termism

    Reporting and accessibility is important to us. We constantly strive to improve our reporting and how we communicate with you whether that is in a more traditional paper-based approach, face-to-face or digitally.

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