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    The Perpetual Guardian Foundation

    When people hear the word ‘philanthropy, they often tend to think of wealth and significant financial donations. The Perpetual Guardian Foundation, however, offers you the opportunity to become part of a community of donors for as little as $5.

    We launched the Perpetual Guardian Foundation in 2015, with the vision of making giving simple for everyone.

    We offer you several options to be involved, including:

    • Contribute to an existing Legacy Fund and become a part of a wider group of donors supporting and organisation or cause you care about.
    • Establish your own Legacy Fund (recommended minimum of $50,000). We will work with you to create a giving programme customised to your passions and assets, whilst maintaining your personal and financial goals.

    The Perpetual Guardian Foundation can help you support any charitable cause that’s close to your heart.

    You can have an impact no matter how big or small your contribution.

    Want to learn more about the Foundation and find out how you can get involved? Contact the team!

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