Possibility Fund

The Possibility Fund is designed to support access initiatives and entrepreneurs who embody the concept of Possibility.  The fund is squarely focused on boldly re-imagining access through design, products and services – meaning that no one is excluded from society or prevented from achieving their true potential.

Minnie Baragwanath, together with the Global possibility fundCentre of Possibility, and the Possibility Fund, invite New Zealanders and in particular access citizens, to invest in a truly accessible future through a possibility lens.

The possibility lens is based on the simple idea that if we aren’t designing access in to everything we do, then we are  designing it out. And in doing so, we are designing out customers, talent, profit and the opportunity to create a more equitable society.

While the accessibility movement has made significant progress over recent decades, the current world environment – full of volatility and uncertainty – presents a risk that these hard-fought wins could be quickly and dramatically impacted. We are at a juncture where access challenges could escalate rapidly or alternatively, be eliminated completely. Possibility-think and access innovation is therefore critical to ensuring that we stay ahead of the design and innovation curve, inspiring and nurturing a future that is inherently accessible for all.

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