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Family Office

Your Family Office, aims to create the right environment and structure so that your business has the ability to maintain its integrity and operational efficiency. This will ensure it achieves the required outcomes, and minimise the associated risk.

Introduction to the Family Office

Ensuring the successful transition of wealth to future generations can be a heavy obligation. The Family Office provides guidance and control for current and future generations to protect your family’s wealth for centuries to come.
Perpetual Guardian is in a privileged position as a completely independent partner. We provide a bespoke approach to the management of family wealth to suit your needs. As an established Trustee Company, Perpetual Guardian has the history, knowledge, and expertise to uphold the integrity of inter-generational wealth.

We believe the link between your advisors and entities is fundamental to maintaining a systematic approach to strong governance, management and meaningful reporting. We can act as an active Fiduciary, Trustee Agent or Custodian, or we can independently check existing structures. We work with you and your advisor network to achieve the desired result, regardless of the level of complexity.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals are equipped to review, administer and execute the instructions of the Family Office. By creating a holistic overview, we support equity growth, equity preservation and effective transfer of wealth through generations. Due to our scale, we have complete market visibility of investment opportunities, comparative cost structures and legislative change. We will provide a tailored solution to managing everything from your financial and investment requirements to your philanthropic endeavours. We simplify the running of your personal affairs to allow you to do what you value.

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