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Making a Will - Helping Henry and Sam get sorted.

Thinking about the future leads to making a Will

Henry and Sam* had been in a relationship for nearly a decade, without considering the benefits of a Will. Until, that is, they decided to expand their little family.

The young couple had just welcomed their new daughter, Hallie, when they were at a dinner party with friends. A friend there told them about a horror-accident where both parents died, leaving a ten-year-old and toddler orphaned. That immediately made the duo think about their own plans for making a Will. They had more conversations with each other, did some research and eventually got in touch with Perpetual Guardian to set up their Wills.

For the young couple, it wasn’t just about ensuring that their assets went to their new daughter, Hallie, but that she would be looked after by the guardian that they wanted.

Since we’ve had Hallie, she’s been our number one priority and the thought of her being alone or there being no certainty of what happens to her should we both die…it just didn’t sit right with us,” says Henry.

They initially looked at doing their Wills online via Perpetual Guardian’s sister company Footprint, but opted for the face-to-face option to get expert guidance.

Looking back, I would’ve pushed for both of us to get our Wills done much sooner. You really never know what will happen, and getting organised took a big weight off our shoulders.”

Around 1,500 Kiwis die each year without a Will. Without an up-to-date Will, there is no guarantee that your children or assets (including KiwiSaver and life insurance policies) will go to who you intend. If you are over 18 years old and don’t have a Will, we strongly recommend getting in touch with one of our experts.  

*The names of the clients in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties involved

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