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    Applying for Funding

    As the custodian of our clients’ philanthropic investment, we work hard to understand and act on their founding vision. You can use our granting schedule below to determine whether any of our legacy giving programmes match your area of operation.

    We constantly enhance this information to help enable you to conduct thoughtful research, planning, and the project-matching needed to pair with the right kind of funding for your organisation.

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    Our Granting Schedule
    Take a look at our current granting schedule, last updated 10 July 2019
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    Digital First - New Granting System

    In response to a rapidly and dramatically changing world, Perpetual Guardian implemented a new online grants administration system in 2018. This new system helps connect givers and change makers more meaningfully.

    We hope to build capacity, increase visibility and improve collaboration. The system allows you to:

    • Save your applications midway and complete it later.
    • Keep track of all your applications and accountability reports on one Applicant Dashboard.
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    Grants Open Now

    J D Stout Charitable Estate (The Stout Trust)
    17 June 2019 – 31 July 2019
    The preservation of natural or historic sites or amenities for public enjoyment and/or the promotion or creation of preservation of works of art including visual audio or literary arts.

    For more information and to apply please click here

    Christchurch Casinos Charitable Trust
    1 July 2019 - 31 July 2019
    For NFP community organisations within Canterbury actively supporting individuals and/or families suffering the effects of addictive or compulsive behavioural problems, including the effects of gambling.

    For more information and to apply please click here

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    Upcoming Grants

    Estate of Ernest Hyam Davis & The Ted and Mollie Carr Endowment Trust
    26 July 2019 - 23 August 2019
    For charities operating within the greater Auckland region*, who support sick, elderly, poor or homeless people in the community.
    *The region considered for funding includes as far North as Whangaparaoa and as far South as the Bombay Hills area.

    Please note, application outcomes for this granting round are expected to be provided approximately end of October 2019.

    The Merton Trust
    1 August 2019 - 31 August 2019
    For the promotion, learning and encouragement and performance of music of a classical or light classical nature including instrumental, vocal, opera, light opera, musicals and musical theatre within a radius of 10 kilometres from the Papakura District Council Chambers in Coles Crescent, Papakura.

    T. M. Hosking Charitable Trust
    12 August 2019 - 30 August 2019
    For charitable organisations operating within the greater Auckland region that provide:

    • Medical research into cardiac disease or
    • Care for the blind.

    Legacy Performing Arts Trust Palmerston North
    Representing the Evelyn Rawlins Arts Trust, Mavis & Beatrix Francis Arts Trust and Molly Atkinson Arts Trust.
    1 August 2019 - 30 September 2019
    For the benefit of individuals, groups and events pertaining to the performing arts within the City of Palmerston North.

    Please note:

    The following Trusts will not be open for general granting in 2019:
    Von Burns Charitable Trust
    Alexander Harold Watson Charitable Trust
    James Russell Lewis Trust
    George Denton Trust

    The Strathlachlan Fund High Engagement round will not be opening in 2019.

    The next John T Gibson Trust application round is now expected to open in September 2019.

    Applications for the Clyde Graham Charitable Trust in 2019 are not currently open. We will provide an update soon.

    Application Forms

    Following a great deal of consultation, feedback, research and planning, we worked with a number of strategic consultants to develop a new application framework for our grant seekers.

    What does that mean for you? If you’re applying for a small amount, your application will be short and require less supplementary information. If you’re applying for a large amount, your application will be more detailed and need more supplementary information.

    The new framework is designed to save you some time, and provide more meaningful information for our Trustees to make their decisions. The applications are categorised into three tiers:

    • Grants under $15,000
    • Grants between $15,000 and $100,000
    • Grants $100,000+
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    Application Forms
    Examples of our typical application forms can be found here.
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    We value our interactions and learning about your work. Grant recipients are able to complete reports via their application dashboards. Each Trust has its own unique URL which is needed to log in to the correct dashboard. Our most commonly used dashboard links can be found here.
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    What should you do now?

    You can find a link to apply for funding under "Grants Open Now." Use this link to find specific information on the Trust open for applications, as well as an online application form. After you’ve started an application, you’ll receive an email. Please read the instructions provided in that and all subsequent emails carefully. You can also find helpful information on our FAQs tab for each Trust you apply for.

    Tips before you get started:

    • You’ll need to start a new application for each Trust you apply for. This is because accountability reports have to be submitted using the individual links sent to you via email after the grant has been approved. However, you are able to see the status of all Trusts you’ve applied for while being logged into one Trust.
    • To return to your incomplete application, follow the link in the first email we send you. Don’t start another application.
    • You may skip to other questions by clicking on the different steps on the left menu in the application.

    Important Note: Unsubmitted applications will be automatically declined. Please ensure you’ve submitted your application by the due date.

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