Why Partner with Perpetual Guardian​

Why Partner with Perpetual Guardian

By combining Perpetual Guardian’s experience and your knowledge of your staff and customers’ needs, we provide tailored value-added services that promote your corporate image in the New Zealand market.

Across our national locations, Perpetual Guardian has established partnerships with financial and insurance institutions to help them provide greater value to both their staff and customers, and grow their business.

Our proven business model is flexible enough to be tailored to your business, while generating further revenue from your customer base. Our services deepen the maturity of your customer relationships by creating another link with your business, encouraging greater retention and loyalty.

We provide:​

  • a national footprint;
  • services to augment your revenue stream which include charity management;
  • innovative products and flexible business model tailored to your business; and,
  • an opportunity to reinforce your brand presence with a well-known and trusted Kiwi institution.

Our services/products include:

  • Estate planning
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
  • Philanthropy
  • Managing charities

Our value lies in:​

Specialist Expertise and Experience

We have extensive, proven experience in finding ways to maximise income for our partners through multiple service offerings. Our expertise translates into your capacity to improve the quality of engagement with your employees and customers.

First class service

Our national branch network will take care of your customers just about anywhere in New Zealand. Perpetual Guardian consultants have earned a reputation for being the leading experts in our industry.

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