Working with charities

Perpetual Giving is an initiative of the philanthropic arm of Perpetual Guardian. Our aim is to encourage more people to think about leaving charitable gifts when writing a Will, so that over time we can make legacy giving a social norm. By working together, we can change the shape of charity giving forever.

What we do

Charitable gifts left in Wills are the foundation for many good causes in New Zealand, and without them many charities would struggle to survive. The problem is that whilst many New Zealanders support charities, very few currently leave a legacy to them. We know that there is real potential for growing the legacy market. Research in the UK indicated that 35% of the UK population were ‘happy to give a small amount to charity in their Will after they have looked after their family and friends’. We believe that by adopting this ‘family first, charity second’ approach, and making it relevant for ordinary people and then helping them understand what to do, we can make some big steps in helping people change their attitudes.

Why we need your support

Perpetual Giving was founded on the basis that no one charity can achieve market growth alone. It is only by pooling resources and working together that we can grow the market and ultimately change the course of legacy giving nationwide. 

Supporting others to succeed

As a trustee and custodian for a large and diverse range of scholarships and awards, Perpetual Guardian provides over $1 million of support to students and artists annually. These scholarships and awards are made possible through the generosity and vision of many donors. While scholarships and awards supporting education are the most well known of those managed by Perpetual Guardian, support is also provided to research and artistic endeavours.

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