In over 20 years, always had a lovely personal touch and sound, professional advice.

    Partnering with Perpetual Guardian

    By combining Perpetual Guardian’s experience and your knowledge of your staff and customers’ needs, we provide tailored value-added services that promote your corporate image in the New Zealand market.

    Across our national locations, Perpetual Guardian has established partnerships with financial and insurance institutions to help them provide greater value to both their staff and customers, and grow their business.

    Our proven business model is flexible enough to be tailored to your business, while generating further revenue from your customer base. Our services deepen the maturity of your customer relationships by creating another link with your business, encouraging greater retention and loyalty.

    Why partner with Perpetual Guardian?

    We provide:

    • a national footprint;
    • services to augment your revenue stream which include charity management;
    • innovative products and flexible business model tailored to your business; and,
    • an opportunity to reinforce your brand presence with a well-known and trusted Kiwi institution.

    Our services/products include:

    • Estate planning
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
    • Philanthropy
    • Managing charities

    Our value lies in:

    Specialist Expertise and Experience

    We have extensive, proven experience in finding ways to maximise income for our partners through multiple service offerings. Our expertise translates into your capacity to improve the quality of engagement with your employees and customers.

    First class service

    Our national branch network will take care of your customers just about anywhere in New Zealand. Perpetual Guardian consultants have earned a reputation for being the leading experts in our industry.

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    Partnering with Perpetual Guardian is easy.

    Become a partner

    Business value for our Partner Consultants

    Whether you are looking for assistance to complement your suite of services to your customers or simply enhance your role as trusted adviser, a referral to Perpetual Guardian will let them know you care about all their planning, including what happens during their lifetime and after they have gone.

    Our expert advisers will ensure your customers get the best plan, tailored to the needs which have been identified by you. Wills ensure your products or services will be delivered to your customer as fast and easily as possible with minimum fuss and expense.

    Should you wish to co-brand or white label our products we can arrange this for you, or simply refer for a low touch engagement.

    We can help you with, and run customer or staff seminars on any of our products or on general estate planning advice, including CPD points where applicable.

    Become a Partner

    Partnering with Perpetual Guardian is an excellent opportunity to generate an added income stream and provide an extra value-add for your staff and customers. Our services are tailored around providing financial protection during times when it’s needed most – by providing services across estate planning, Wills, Trusts, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Philanthropy and managing Charities.

    Working with us

    By helping you assess service options, identify potential issues, and making key decisions, we will save you time and money down the line. We ensure both you and your customers have a dedicated senior consultant to provide advice and the agility your business demands. You’ll also have access to support from our Perpetual Guardian network, like marketing collateral, if needed. We will work with you to understand your business and help you set up our venture on a sound foundation, by providing you with a clear operational framework.

    The right solution is one that helps grow both our business’ reputations – by providing the best advice and management that protect our client’s interests.

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    Your Staff Offers

    Perpetual Guardian has partnered with a number of New Zealand’s leading organisations to provide them with our supplementary services. We engage with them to increase their revenue and add value to both their staff and customers. We measure success by our ability to help our partners get the most out of our collaborations.

    Our existing partners cover a wide range of industries. Any commercial organisation through their employee benefit programme can benefit by partnering with Perpetual Guardian – superannuation being an example. The packages we provide may serve as an employee benefit or assist with a staff retention solution.

    Perpetual Guardian packages our services to best suit your internal programmes. These include:

    • New Wills (individual) with specialist advisor
    • Online Wills
    • Enduring Powers of Attorney
    • Trusts
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    We also encourage charitable giving.

    Working with charities

    Perpetual Giving is an initiative of the philanthropic arm of Perpetual Guardian. Our aim is to encourage more people to think about leaving charitable gifts when writing a Will, so that over time we can make legacy giving a social norm. By working together, we can change the shape of charity giving forever.

    What we do

    Charitable gifts left in Wills are the foundation for many good causes in New Zealand, and without them many charities would struggle to survive. The problem is that whilst many New Zealanders support charities, very few currently leave a legacy to them. We know that there is real potential for growing the legacy market. Research in the UK indicated that 35%* of the UK population were ‘happy to give a small amount to charity in their Will after they have looked after their family and friends’. We believe that by adopting this ‘family first, charity second’ approach, and making it relevant for ordinary people and then helping them understand what to do, we can make some big steps in helping people change their attitudes.

    Why we need your support

    Perpetual Giving was founded on the basis that no one charity can achieve market growth alone. It is only by pooling resources and working together that we can grow the market and ultimately change the course of legacy giving nationwide. Awards and Scholarships

    Supporting others to succeed

    As a trustee and custodian for a large and diverse range of scholarships and awards, Perpetual Guardian provides over $1 million of support to students and artists annually. These scholarships and awards are made possible through the generosity and vision of many donors. While scholarships and awards supporting education are the most well known of those managed by Perpetual Guardian, support is also provided to research and artistic endeavours. Here are some of the awards currently managed by Perpetual Guardian.

    The Rose Hellaby Māori Education Scholarships

    Supporting educational opportunity for Māori children and young adults, the Rose Hellaby Māori Education Fund provides three levels of annual scholarships; postgraduate scholarships, undergraduate scholarships and secondary school scholarships. For more information click here.

    The David Johnstone Scholarships

    Designed to assist young people in the Waikato further their education, these annual scholarships bestow $5000 to secondary-school graduates embarking on a science or teaching degree at Waikato University or studying at Waikato Institute of Technology. For more information click here.

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