Need help managing your Trust?​

Needing help managing your Trust?

Managing a Trust is not a case of one size fits all. But whether you choose to appoint a corporate trustee, a private trustee(s) or take up the appointment of trustee yourself, we can help. You choose the level of our involvement which best suits you and your objectives while ensuring your Trust meets all legal obligations.

Trust Management Options:

  • Flexi Trust™ Service
    This service is specifically designed for those who wish to remain in full control of their Trust and take up an appointment as a private trustee. Flexi Trust™ can provide all the set-up arrangements and documentation necessary to get your Trust going. You can then select, on a ‘pick ‘n mix’ basis, which ongoing administration and management services you want Perpetual Guardian to help you with. We offer private trustees a range of support including transferring assets to the Trust, managing and recording trustee meetings, trustee investment advice and management, taxation and accounting requirements.
  • Full Trustee Services
    Perpetual Guardian is appointed trustee and takes on the full administrative and management responsibilities as a professional trustee. We provide a comprehensive trustee service as the appointed trustee or co-trustee for our clients. As your professional trustee, with full fiduciary responsibility, we will prudently manage and administer all aspects of your Trust.

By appointing Perpetual Guardian, you can be assured we will apply the highest professional standard in preserving the Trust assets and carrying out the terms of the Trust.

When you meet with one of our team of experts they can talk through the various options to allow you to select the level of service most appropriate for your situation.

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