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Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)


Typically prepared at the same time as a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney (commonly known as an EPA) helps protect against unforeseen circumstances by allowing an individual or organisation, referred to as an ‘attorney’, to act on your behalf, if necessary.

An attorney might be needed where:

  • You are overseas and need someone to buy, sell or manage assets or investment funds on your behalf; or,
  • You have a debilitating illness or injury which prevents you from being able to act for yourself (where you fall into a coma or become delirious with a fever for example).

There are two types of EPA, one for Property and one for Personal Care and Welfare.

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Everyone should have an EPA – this short video that’s around 2 minutes long, will help you find out more.

- Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) explained

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