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Andrew Barnes



With a track record of market-changing innovations and the digitising of various industries, Andrew Barnes identified the opportunity for the evolution of real estate in Australia, and was chairman of at the time of its IPO on the ASX.

Andrew has now triggered a revolution of the entire New Zealand fiduciary services and legal services industries, and the transformation he is leading has positive implications both locally and globally.

Andrew Barnes is the founder of Perpetual Guardian, which formed through the coming together of Perpetual Trust and Guardian Trust, and a director of Complectus Limited. He is also chairman and non-executive director of Perpetual Trust Limited.

Under Andrew’s leadership, Perpetual Guardian has moved away from financial advice and wealth management and back to a pure fiduciary services model that engages with Kiwis and provides services through a variety of platforms. As a keen philanthropist, Andrew is also leading the expansion of the company’s long-standing philanthropy service by creating vehicles that encourage Kiwis into long-term charitable giving at a level they can afford.

Andrew was previously a director and founder of Just Wills Holdings Limited, a UK-based will writing and estate planning business. Before that he was CEO of Bestinvest, a US$5.7billion, UK-based investment management and advisory company, leading the sale to private capital in 2007, and was managing director of Australian Wealth Management Limited, a major Australian wealth management and trustee business that he led to IPO in 2005.

Andrew holds an MA from Selwyn College, Cambridge and an ACIB (UK), and has attended the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School.