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A Perpetual Guardian Funeral Trust gives you peace of mind your death will not be a financial burden on your loved ones.

The death of a loved one is never easy, but there are ways to lighten to burden for those left behind.

By setting aside funds for your funeral now, your family will have one less thing to worry about and you can have the send-off you deserve.

Why pay now?

The cost of a funeral can run into thousands of dollars, but by paying in advance you can take this burden off your family’s shoulders.

Funeral Trusts are currently exempt from asset testing so you can set aside up to $10,000 in a Funeral Trust and this will not be taken into account when working out if you qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy.

How does it work?

To ensure you get the funeral you deserve, it is important the funds grow to cover any increase in funeral costs. Your Funeral Trust funds will be invested in low-risk, short-term money market investments.

When you pass away, your Funeral Trust funds will be immediately available to settle funeral expenses. Any remaining balance will be paid over to your executor for the benefit of your estate.

What are the costs?

An establishment fee of $150 is payable at the time of application and the minimum initial contribution is $3,000. A management fee will be charged on the funds invested. There are no other fees to operate your Funeral Trust and no fee is charged when the funds are paid out. You will receive annual statements giving details of all the transactions over the previous year.


Income earned on your Funeral Trust is taxed at the rate of 33% as trustee income. These earnings do not need to be declared in your tax return as income.

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